The Eco adVantage: In-House Decoration

Posted April 22, 2022 by Emily Altieri

There are so many aspects of the supply chain that contribute to carbon emissions, of which people tend to overlook. One that people tend not to consider, is the aspect of travel in the production process. Shipping pieces from one facility to another is an added expense, both monetarily and environmentally. Reducing the need for excessive shipment of goods is a great way to ease carbon emissions, and save a few bucks while doing so.

Here at Vantage, we consider ourselves a one-stop-shop for promotional apparel. Providing both apparel and decoration services, we cut out the need for third party services. Although a small part of the production process, it’s sure to have a greater impact than what you may think. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2019, transportation accounted for 29% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. This was the largest contributor, outweighing electricity, agriculture, industry, and commercial producers. By cutting out the need for an extra shipment, we’re reducing nearly a third of the emissions created in the process.

Along with reducing carbon emissions, there’s also less waste created when cutting out extra shipments. Excess boxes, polybags, and bubble wrap, among many supplementary shipping materials are spared. Utilizing our services as both a supplier and decorator is ultimately more cost effective and environmentally sound.

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